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Video of protesters chanting support for President Trump was not taken in France

December 7, 2018 GMT

CLAIM: Video shows French citizens chanting “We want Trump!” during recent protests.  

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The video was taken in London during a “Free Tommy Robinson” protest in June. 

THE FACTS: Social media users are misrepresenting a June 2018 video of people in London chanting for President Donald Trump, falsely claiming it was taken during recent protests in France. The protests, known for the “yellow vests” worn by protesters, began in response to a planned fuel tax hike by French President Emmanuel Macron. The increase was rescinded.

The video was taken during a June 9, 2018, demonstration to support Robinson, a right-wing activist who was jailed for contempt of court. In the video, a demonstrator wearing a Trump mask can be seen on top of a blue sightseeing bus trying to rally the crowd by chanting, “We want Trump.”


Posts saying the video was taken during a French demonstration began circulating widely on social media after protests in France turned violent the weekend of Dec. 1. On Friday, French authorities restricted access to parts of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, to prevent another outbreak of violence during anti-government protests. 

Here’s more information on Facebook’s fact-checking program:


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