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Video does not show police clearing a Jewish funeral with a water cannon

April 13, 2020 GMT

CLAIM: Video shows New York City police blasting an Orthodox Jewish funeral with a water cannon. 

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The video was filmed in Jerusalem in November 2017 when a group of ultra-Orthodox Jews were protesting compulsory military service. 

THE FACTS: A Twitter user shared a video of a group of people in a street being blasted with a powerful water cannon, claiming the incident occurred in New York City during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“In Brooklyn, NY there was a Jewish funeral and the police went to stop them so they started to protest. NYPD brought in a Firetruck,” the user falsely claimed. 


The video, filmed on November 26, 2017, during protests in Jerusalem, can be found in Associated Press archives. According to AP reporting, Israeli police doused a crowd of protesters with “skunk” spray, water mixed with a foul-smelling chemical, to clear a road they were blocking. 

Due to the pandemic, limits have been placed on social gatherings, including religious observances. Several weeks ago, fire department officials in New York City gained public attention when they broke up a large Hasidic wedding. Orthodox Jewish leaders, however, said at the time that their communities are discouraging group gatherings.


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