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No determination on whether Trump boat parade broke records

August 18, 2020 GMT

CLAIM: Guinness World Records “certified” that the boat parade supporting President Trump in Clearwater, Florida, was the “largest boat parade in history.” 

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The Guinness World Records told The Associated Press on Monday that the application for the Clearwater boat parade supporting Trump is still being reviewed. It could take up to 15 weeks to confirm whether it broke the current record. 

THE FACTS: The parade of boats, most flying pro-Trump and U.S. flags, began near Clearwater on Saturday, August 15. Parade organizers were hoping to break world records. 


“This is gonna be the MOAB… Mother of all Boat Parades…The current world record according to Guinness Book of World Records was achieved in Malaysia in 2014 and had a recorded 1,180 boats,” the organizer’s website, Conservative Grounds, stated. “In honor of the 45th President Donald J. Trump we will beat the world record in his name.” 

Social media users falsely claimed on social media that the boat parade already broke records: “Guiness Book of World Records certified that today’s Trump boat parade was the largest boat parade in history. Clearwater, Florida,” said one Facebook user. The post had more than 1,000 shares. 

Officials at Guinness World Records said they are examining whether the Trump boat parade was the largest, a process that could take weeks. 

“We can confirm we have received an application for this title and attempt. We are currently awaiting evidence to review,” Amanda Marcus, public relations manager at Guinness World Records, told the AP in an email. 

“Our standard application review process can take up to 12-15 weeks of submission. Once received and reviewed, our Records Management Team will then confirm the success or failure of the record attempt,” Marcus said.  

The largest parade on record occurred on Sept. 13, 2014, during Malaysia Day celebrations in the Kemaman District of Terengganu, Malaysia. There were 1,180 boats in the parade. 

It’s not clear exactly how many boats were part of the parade honoring Trump. 

“Did we set a new world record? YES. Now we have to prove it. Guinness World Records needs an exact number of boats and PROOF,” Conservative Grounds posted on their Facebook page on August 16.



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