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CBS did not misrepresent photo of Trump Latino supporters

September 17, 2020 GMT

CLAIM: CBS aired a photo of the Latinos for Trump Coalition in Phoenix and said they were part of a Biden event.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: Missing context. A CBS News report did use a photo from President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Phoenix during a report about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign trip to Florida. But the photo was accurately portrayed in the report’s audio, which stated they were Trump supporters.

THE FACTS: Biden made his first campaign trip to Florida on Tuesday in an effort to draw support from Latino voters. CBS Evening News aired a report on the trip, and also discussed Trump’s conservative Latino support, which they illustrated with a photo by AP photographer Andrew Harnik. The photo shows Latino supporters for Trump in Phoenix at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa on Monday.


“CBS stole a Photo from Latinos for Trump in Phoenix and tagged it as a Biden event.#fakenews,” one Twitter user falsely claimed on Sept. 16. The post had over 23,000 retweets. The post captured the CBS report as the photo was displayed. The report’s chyron read: “Biden pitches crucial Latino voters during Florida campaign stop.”

The CBS report, which was posted online on Tuesday, was about Biden’s first campaign trip to Florida as the Democrats presidential nominee. The photo of Trump supporters was used when discussing conservative Latino voters. When the photo is showcased in the report, the voice-over stated: “The president has cut into Biden’s advantage by wooing conservative Latinos… .”

Several false posts emerged after the report aired, falsely insisting that CBS used the photo to portray Biden voters in Florida.

“I’m 100% positive I was in Arizona on Monday supporting @realDonaldTrump with #LatinosForTrump despite @CBS claiming I was at a @JoeBiden rally in Florida. #FakeNewsMedia,” another Twitter user wrote on Sept. 16. The false claim had over 12,000 retweets.


The false claims also circulated widely on Facebook and Instagram. One Instagram post falsely stated: “CBS stole an image from Latinos for Trump and said it was for Biden.”


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