Boys’ mock government proposed eliminating women’s vote

MANHATTAN, Kan. (AP) — An organization that sponsors an all-male Kansas student mock government apologized after this year’s teenage governor proposed eliminating the constitutional amendment that gave women the right to vote.

The teenager from Leavenworth made the proposal in the final moments of his term during the annual Boys State gathering at Kansas State University on June 2-7, The Kansas City Star reported . The American Legion sponsors Boys State programs in most states, and the American Legion Auxiliary sponsors a separate Girls State program. The programs are aimed at teaching teenagers about government.

This year’s Kansas’ student governor ignored Boys State staff who advised him not to suggest the executive order to repeal the 19th Amendment, said spokesman Brad Biles. When brought to the mock state Senate and House, both chambers voted it down.

The American Legion Boys State of Kansas Leadership Academy said in a statement that the student governor’s “actions were highly advised against by our staff and do not reflect the Boys State of Kansas values of respect and inclusion of all people.”

“The American Legion Boys State of Kansas Leadership Academy apologizes for any insensitivity expressed by this unenforceable order,” the statement said. “It is a teachable moment for everyone.”


Information from: The Kansas City Star,