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    Letters for Tuesday, March 21, 2017

    March 21, 2017 GMT

    Hawaii boycott could easily be our traffic solution

    Wait a minute, didn’t that left-wing Obama-appointed judge who wants to let anybody and everybody from around the world come to Hawaii just solve our Kapaa town traffic problem?

    Like most of us I’m sick to death of all the suggestions about how to end the traffic congestion. The answer is so simple. The tourists are going to boycott us, leaving Kuhio Highway to just those of us who live here.

    Oh my gosh, who ever would have believed that the left wing and the right wing would together enjoy the benefits of this judge’s request?

    So we lose the tourist dollars. At least we can zip along down Kuhio Highway giving shaka signs to each other. Boy, this was really easy.

    Mahalo, Judge!

    Gini Stoddard, Lihue

    Terrorism carried out by many

    In the March 18 edition of TGI, a story on the boycott of Hawaii by supporters of President Trump quoted Steve Yoder, chairman of the Kauai Republican Party, as saying “Can you think of any terrorist attack against the United States that’s been orchestrated by someone who wasn’t Muslim?”


    Perhaps he needs to refresh his memory: The Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995 killed 168; the Centennial Olympic bombing of 1996 killed 2; the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting of 2012 killed 6; the Charleston Church shooting of 2015 killed 9; and dozens of school shootings from Columbine to Sandy Hook left hundreds of children dead.

    It is fine for Mr. Yoder to express his opinions and views. It is not fine for him to say things which are patently false.

    Tom Southwick, Princeville

    What to do about dairy

    How to live with the dairy at Mahaulepu?

    Build your own water test system because the dairy will contaminate Poipu water system.

    When the water goes bad, build your own filtration system.

    Ask the dairy to cut back on pesticides and pharmacy products for the cows.

    Runoff into the ocean will kill a lot of marine life and destroy a pristine ocean area. We will have to live with this problem.

    The dairy can be asked to supply each room in Poipu with flypaper and deodorant for the smells it creates.

    What can we do about elected public officials who support the dairy for their personal benefit instead of community welfare?

    Climate change quietly reduces the resiliency of nature until there is no room for human error.

    Bob Flynn, Poipu