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    Grilled mushrooms pepita rolls are gourmet without the fuss

    September 9, 2018 GMT

    Unfussy recipes are my thing these days. The only thing I have to be careful of when I indulge in this concept is eating too much because I came by it so easy. I’m sitting here writing this and I’m doing nothing but thinking about having another one of these sandwiches. It’s just that delicious and that simple.

    Though this beautiful artisan bread comes complete with a healthy handful of fresh pepitas, I still call this the “antithesis of artisan,” Or artisan’s arch enemy. Because there are no hidden tricks; no steam ovens, special flours, lames to score the crust, or bannetons to shape the loaves.

    The central tenet is that there are some good bread being made right now in a supermarket bakery as we speak that can be made without a starter, without a slow or cold fermentation, without an understanding of bakers — at least by you or me.

    Knowing this, I sometimes peruse the aisles of the supermarket early in the morning just for ideas, this one popped out like a sore thumb. I almost couldn’t wait to eat right out of the bread bag on my way home. I don’t have time to make this kind of bread and it’s not winter yet which is the only time I really get into bread making.


    I’ve been eating out too much lately. That’s what happens when I get busy. A salad wasn’t cutting it so I opted for something salty and crunchy each time I sat down which meant the salt level was over the top. I didn’t feel optimal.

    Fortunately, the best remedy for eating too much salt is to give dining out a rest. This bread called me to slather something vegetarian and delicious all over it. It’s a simple meal, however, piling on a boat load of spring fresh greens on top of it, it’s almost a little pepita mushroom bread salad.

    Sometimes it’s just an idea you need and that’s what these are. If you can’t find this exact bread roll, any will do. The idea behind this meal is that it’s quick, simple and filling without all the salt you don’t need.


    1 quart of sliced mushrooms

    4 bread rolls Garlic and onion powder

    Fresh greens

    4 slices of Swiss cheese

    Mayo with fresh chopped garlic added in

    In a small grill pan place the sliced mushrooms and sprinkle with onion and garlic powder. Warm the rolls while you’re sauteing the mushrooms. Add the slices of Swiss cheese and allow to melt. Place on the roll with a pile of fresh greens and top with garlic mayo. Serve.