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    No Labels works to stop political party fighting

    March 9, 2017 GMT

    I just returned from Washington, D.C., where I attended a gathering of more than 1,000 volunteers from all 50 states who are part of a national grassroots movement — No Labels. The reason for the gathering was simple: Visit our congressional representatives on Capitol Hill to ask them to stop fighting with “the other party” and start working together for all Americans by solving our country’s problems.

    If you haven’t noticed, our government is broken. The focus is on putting party politics first before taking care of the country’s needs. This has to stop. A recent Harvard University-Harris poll found that 73 percent of voters want Democrats to find ways to work with President Trump. And vice versa: 68 percent of all voters want President Trump to find ways to work with Democrats in Congress. The handwriting is on the wall. Unfortunately most in in Congress don’t seem to be reading it.


    But there are exceptions. We live in the Fifth District in Connecticut where our congresswoman, Elizabeth Esty, has been a role model of bipartisanship. She understands things get done when people come to the table to negotiate solutions rather than looking to say “no.” She gets it!

    She is one of only 40 members of the House who have joined together to form the Problem Solvers Caucus, members of both parties who meet to find common ground on issues.

    The culture in D.C. is toxic. Compromise and consensus is not rewarded — 100 percent loyalty to party is expected. Rep. Esty has shown the courage to avoid the safe “falling in line” behavior to work with others outside her party to get things done. Fifth District 5 residents, count yourselves lucky.

    Al E. Smith