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Powerful Men Are The Sexiest, Playgirl Magazine Concludes

July 20, 1985 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Men don’t have to be tall, dark and handsome to be sexy, Playgirl magazine says in releasing its choice of the 10 sexiest guys in the nation - a crop that includes chubby comedian John Candy and a sprinkling of politicians.

New York Gov. Mario Cuomo makes it, as does Republican Rep. Jack Kemp, a former football player, and ABC-TV newsman Ted Koppel.

″The trend of the ‘Playgirl 10’ is toward risk-taking, excellence and power,″ said editor Tommi Lewis in a news release accompanying the list which appears in the magazine’s September issue.


″Whether cerebral, artistic, political or athletic, power is a turn-on for today’s woman,″ she said Friday. ″Male sex appeal in the 1980′s involves much more than simply being a ’hunk.‴

Candy, the once-hefty star of the films ″Splash″ and ″Brewster’s Millions,″ recently lost over 70 pounds on a diet. ″He turns us on with good humor,″ the magazine editors said. ″He is an actor who trusts his wit, doesn’t cop out with mere slapstick, and has dynamite dimples.″

Cuomo, a Democrat, is called a ″politician with traditional family values who is forging ahead with initiative that testifies to his commitment to serving young people, labor and ethnic groups.″

Kemp’s ″preppy good looks are an asset for his supply-side economic theories,″ the magazine said of the former Buffalo Bills quarterback.

Koppel, anchorman of ABC’s ″Nightline″ show, is cited as ″a great interviewer and has the twinkling eyes of someone we’d like to know off- camera.″

Others on the list include Don Johnson, the fashion plate of NBC-TV’s ″Miami Vice.″ The magazine calls him ″one of the best reasons for staying home on a Friday night.″ Johnson, who portrays policeman Sonny Crockett, is also lauded for fighting his drug dependency.

Dwight Gooden, the 20-year-old pitching whiz for the New York Mets, ″is setting more than records,″ Playgirl said. ″His discipline, motivation, and personal style set a great example for young people, male and female.″

Indianapolis 500 winner Danny Sullivan is described as young, handsome and having ″oodles of money.″

Quincy Jones, who helped organize and direct the all-star chorus in ″We Are the World,″ is called ″the reigning genius of the musical world ... a man of dignity and compassion.″ The editors also note that ″nobody looks better in a tuxedo than Quincy.″


Also on the list are Aidan Quinn of the film ″Desperately Seeking Susan″ and former ballet star Alexander Godunov, who appeared as an Amish suitor in the film ″Witness.″

Quinn is ″the ultimate ‘bad boy’ type who perpetually fascinates women″ while Godunov, ″possesses a rare combination of artistry and classically romantic good looks,″ the magazine concludes.