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High School Student Shot to Death on Campus

December 10, 1985 GMT

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) _ A high school student bested in a fistfight shot his opponent in the back in a crowded school hallway, then stood over the other youth and fired a second round into his chest, police say.

Andre Gray, a 16-year-old junior at Oakland Technical High School, died about an hour after he was shot Monday. Police were searching for a 17-year- old Tech student and two friends.

Police said Gray had just beaten the older boy in a fistfight for the second time in two weeks.

The suspect, his nose bloodied, went to two friends and pulled a handgun from a knapsack they carried. The two fled.

Homicide Sgt. John Vargas said the youth then worked his way through the dozens of students in the hallway between classes and opened fire from five feet away.

Classes were not dismissed after the shooting, but many of the 1,800 students left immediately.