Private prison firms form advocacy group to rebut scrutiny

October 25, 2019 GMT

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Top private prison companies have formed an advocacy group to rebut a growing backlash from Democratic presidential candidates and other industry critics.

The Day 1 Alliance announced its formation Friday. Tennessee-based CoreCivic will provide the group’s initial funding. Florida-based The GEO Group and Utah-based Management & Training Corporation will join in leadership roles.

Many Democratic presidential hopefuls have proposed ending federal private prisons, while a growing number of banks have halted their financing.

The Day 1 Alliance will promote the industry’s perspective through its website, Twitter and media relations efforts.

The group wants to clarify that its members don’t run facilities for immigrant children separated from parents. They each have ones that detain adult immigrants, while one CoreCivic center and one GEO facility house migrant mothers and their children together.