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Instant Power Disposal, Drain Cleaner safe for plumbing

May 20, 2019 GMT

Cleaning disposals can be tricky. Disposals have rubber O-rings and metal blades that drain cleaners and drain openers can damage. So choosing the right disposal cleaner is important since disposals are not cheap.

Instant Power Disposal and Drain Cleaner is safe for all your plumbing because it is a enzyme cleaner that you can use even if you have a septic system. In fact it’s beneficial for your septic system. Enzymes clean and deodorize built-up grease, soap, food particles that build up on the walls of your disposal and make it drain slowly and smell. Not only will it clear your drain but monthly maintenance will keep your disposal running smoothly. I don’t know if this has happened to you but for me there is nothing worse than a stinky disposal that can make your whole kitchen smell foul. And I don’t like sticking my hand down a disposal trying to find just “what” is causing the smell or slow drain. I would much rather leave it up to a cleaner.


Using Instant Power Disposal and Drain Cleaner is easy. Run your disposal for a few minutes with the water on. Turn off the disposal and pour eight ounces of cleaner in the disposal. The bottle is easily marked for you. Cover the disposal and turn it on for one to two seconds. Do NOT flush with water. Allow the cleaner to stay in the disposal overnight. Your kitchen will smell like a lemon grove for days. And Instant Power is guaranteed to work or your money back! For as long as we have had it on our shelves, we have never refunded a dime.

Now to the email …

Question: Hi Trudy. Love your columns in the newspaper and love the products you have written about. Our exterior front door faces west and while it is fairly new and in great condition, what should I use on it to keep it that way?

Answer: Use a product made by Howard called Sun Shield. It’s the sister product of Feed and Wax and will do for your door what Feed and Wax does for cabinets. It gives the wood a natural depth of color while adding protection and luster. Sun Shield is great for outdoors because it has a UV inhibitor. You can use it on all outdoor furniture including teak. The minute that your door starts looking faded, just wipe on another protecting coat of Sun Shield with a soft rag.

Question: Trudy we have a 20-year-old dishwasher that runs great but when we open and close the door the hinge area (especially on the left) squeals like a rusty porch door. We have saturated the area with WD 40 using the red straw tube to get into the crack, but to no avail. What is the best way to solve this cranky customer noise?


Answer: I want you to try one more time spraying around the hinge area but use a different product. Tri Flow is a lubricant like none other. It’s like liquid ball-bearing in a can. Put a towel down on the floor under the dishwasher. Open the dishwasher and spray all the hinged area you can see. Work the door open and closed several times and see if just spraying the visual hinges takes care of any squeak before you start taking that dishwasher apart. I don’t want your next email to say, “I have taken apart the dishwasher …” HA!

Question: I have a beige canvas convertible top. People have warned me about using products on it. Is there some new magic product that will take the black streaks and off and not damage the top?

Answer: If it were mine, I would use a cleaner that has NO BLEACH. Moldex has three products. Get the one that says NO BLEACH formula for mildew and algae stains. It’s safe to use on canvas, awnings, patio furniture and bath room walls.

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