Police arrest 7 protesters after clash in Stockton

June 13, 2020 GMT

Police arrested seven people after protesters demonstrating in Stockton against the police killing of George Floyd blocked traffic on a road, struck vehicles attempting to pass them and threw rocks and bottles at officers who tried to push them back onto the sidewalk.

The protesters were arrested on charges including resisting arrest, vandalism, battery and assault on a peace officer, police said in a statement.

The Stockton Record reports protesters marched to Hammer Road Friday evening and only allowed cars to pass once drivers honked their horns as a sign of support. Some of the protesters hit car windows when drivers refused to honk. One person was thrown to the ground after attempting to block a vehicle and another was hit by an SUV making its way through the crowd.


Police said when officers went to the scene and tried direct the protesters back to the sidewalk, several protesters threw rocks and bottles at them.

The Stockton Record reported that during a short but heated confrontation, a protester punched an officer’s face shield and an officer shoved a protester with his baton, causing him to fall back.

Police ordered the crowd to disperse and most the protesters ultimately complied.