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Man Swears Off Musical Group Wham 3/8 After Car Wreck

July 31, 1986 GMT

KINGSTON, Tenn. (AP) _ Being pinned under his wrecked sports car for six hours with a broken arm was bad, but listening to the British group Wham 3/8 continuously playing on his tape recorder was worse, a teen-ager said.

″I never want to hear it again. I swear I don’t,″ Gordon Pickrell, 18, of Kingston said Wednesday after Roane County deputies pulled him from beneath his overturned MGB coupe. ″I thought I was going to die.″

Pickrell’s car rolled down a 22-foot embankment and came to rest behind a small patch of trees, making it difficult for passers-by on the rural east Tennessee road to see the wreck, officers said.