A list of some effects from Nepal’s earthquake 1 year ago

April 21, 2016 GMT

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Nearly one year ago, Nepal rumbled with a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shattered daily life across the poor Himalayan nation. A series of powerful aftershocks that lasted for weeks compounded the damage and terrified the country’s 26.5 million citizens.

Here are some statistics behind the disaster. Sources include the Nepalese government, Asia Development Bank, UNICEF and the Red Cross-led partnership Shelter Cluster:


8,856: Number of deaths

22,309: Number of injuries

602,257: Number of houses destroyed

185,099: Number of houses damaged

6,430: Number of government buildings damaged

35,000: Number of classrooms destroyed

Nearly 1 million: Number of children left with no school

9.1 million: Total number of school-age children in Nepal

956: Number of hospitals and clinics damaged

700,000: Number of people pushed into poverty by the quake

3.7 million: Number of people receiving humanitarian aid

200,000: Number of families who lived in high-altitude temporary shelters through winter

Less than 5 percent: Percentage of homes rebuilt so far

$6.6 billion: total estimated cost for reconstruction

$4.1 billion: amount pledged so far in donations

$308,880: total funding Nepal has offered for reconstructing homes

661: number of Nepalese families who have received reconstruction funding