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Alice Starr Speaks Out on Adultery

January 28, 1999 GMT

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Put in the first lady’s shoes, the wife of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr says she ``would rather not be married″ to a husband that is not faithful.

Alice Starr, in an interview in the March issue of the Ladies’ Home Journal, said she could not imagine herself in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s position, after the president admitted his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

``We took a vow to be faithful to one another when we married,″ said the 49-year-old Mrs. Starr. ``We’ve lived up to that vow.″

And if she were in Mrs. Clinton’s place?


``I’d rather not be married to someone who doesn’t love me enough to remain faithful,″ she said.

In the interview, Mrs. Starr also defended her husband’s investigation of the president, calling his motivations ``altruistic.″

She admitted that her husband’s sudden fame has made their life at home more difficult. U.S. marshals scan their mail for bombs and threats, guard their front door and shadow the three Starr children.

As for rumors that her daughter, Carolyn, who is a freshman at Stanford University, exchanged heated words with Chelsea Clinton, who is a sophomore there, Mrs. Starr said it isn’t true and that the two have never met.

``If she ever met Chelsea, she’d give her a hug,″ said Mrs. Starr. Carolyn ``knows what a tremendous ordeal she’s been through.″