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Japanese National Convicted of Murder

May 23, 1995 GMT

HONOLULU (AP) _ The first Japanese national to be extradited to this country for murder has been convicted of killing a well-known Japanese fortuneteller and her son.

Raita Fukusaku, 29, was found guilty Monday of second-degree murder. He faces up to life in prison with a chance of parole at his Aug. 21 sentencing.

The jury rejected a first-degree murder charge, punishable by a life sentence without parole.

Fukusaku killed psychic Toako ``Kototome″ Fujita and her son Goro Fujita, 21, when his attempts to extort $20,000 from Mrs. Fujita failed.


Fukusaku returned to his parents’ home in Kanazawa, Japan, two days after the February 1994 murders, but was extradited after the Japanese government agreed to his arrest.

The evidence against Fukusaku included a videotape of him transporting a body in the elevator of his Waikiki apartment building.

Mrs. Fujita, who had homes in Honolulu and Tokyo, was well-known in Japan as a child fortuneteller who grew up to advise prominent politicians and business executives.