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Family of Five Survive Crash, After Baby Thrown From Mother’s Arms With PM-DC-10 Crash, Bjt

July 20, 1989 GMT

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) _ When the pilot of a United Airlines DC-10 told passengers to expect a ″very rough″ landing at Sioux City’s airport, Lori Michaelson held her daughter, Sabrina, tight.

″I was just mostly worried about being able to hang on to the 1-year- old,″ she said.

But Wednesday’s deadly crash separated mother from daughter.

Mrs. Michaelson, a Denver resident, said about an hour from Flight 232′s scheduled arrival in Chicago, the pilot said over the intercom that the tail of the airplane had been damaged and that an emergency landing was necessary.


″He said we’d have to land and that it would be a rough impact. He advised us to go into a crash position,″ she said.

Sabrina was on her lap, and she held her tightly. Nearby was her husband, Mark, and their two sons, Doug, 6, and Andy, 4.

″We’re expecting a rough landing. In fact, a very rough landing,″ the pilot said, according to Michaelson.

Twenty minutes later, the plane crashed while attempting an emergency landing at Sioux Gateway Airport.

Mrs. Michaelson said the airplane flipped when it hit, and she felt the child sliding to the floor.

Smoke filled the cabin and when their section of the airplane came to a rest, the couple and their sons fumbled around until finding a way out.

As they climbed outside, Michaelson asked, ″Where’s the baby?″

Desperate, he went back into the wreckage but encountered thick smoke and was forced to leave.

Then they saw the child, apparently unharmed, in a woman’s arms.

Asked how she had come to have the child, the woman said some man had handed her over.

″God, I wish he hadn’t,″ said Michaelson. ″I’d like to thank him personally.″

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