After working for 4 Utah governors, ‘Bossy Lady’ retires

February 24, 2019 GMT

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A woman who worked as an assistant for four Utah governors over the last two decades and earned the nickname “Bossy Lady” from current governor Gary Herbert is retiring with a lifetime of good stories to share.

Fran Stultz, 65, started working at the governor’s office 23 years ago. Her work organizing a visit by the governor’s deputy of education to a high school where she was secretary for the principal led to her first position at the office, the Deseret News reports .

She went on become the executive assistant to the chief of staff for Govs. Olene Walker, Jon Huntsman Jr. and Gary Herbert. In 2011, Gov. Herbert chose her as his personal assistant.


The 65-year-old Stultz’s last day was Jan. 9 — a day Herbert officially declared the “Fran Stultz Day” in the state of Utah.

In his declaration, Herbert wrote:

“Whereas, Fran Stultz is lovingly referred to as the ‘Bossy Lady’ and has improved her ‘bossyness’ over the years;

“Whereas, she has coordinated schedules, overseen countless inaugurations, sent out hundreds of thousands of Christmas cards, fostered hundreds of interns’ self-esteem, cared for thousands of public servants’ and private employees’ egos, and managed just about everything (therefore begging the question, ‘Why do we need the governor — or the chief of staff for that matter?’).”

About Herbert, Stultz said: “Gov. Herbert says he perfected my bossiness.”

Stultz said Walker was the wittiest of the four governors, with a great sense of humor.

“She’d put her feet up on the desk and sit back and say, ‘Oh, sure wish I didn’t have to wear these heels!’” Stultz said about Walker.

Huntsman was the most laid back, she said.

“He would walk through the office and say, ‘OK, it’s 8th South and State Street time,’ and everybody that could would pile into his vehicle and we’d go down on State Street by Sears where the taco stand was and we’d eat the dollar tacos,” Stultz said.

She said Herbert was the best singer and the most intense, keeping such a tight schedule that she would have to build in time for him to speak with his wife or grandkids.

“He wants to talk to every single person. On the way from one meeting to the next I’d tell him ‘WT. Walk and Talk. Do two things at once,‘” Stultz said. “He’d tease me about it because I’d constantly be whispering ‘WT’ in his ear just to keep things moving.”

She said Leavitt was the best speaker and best with the media, Stultz said.

As for her favorite, she answers with the diplomacy she picked up at the governor’s office.

“The one standing in front of me,” she quipped. “I have so many favorite memories of each one. All four of them were gracious and kind and thoughtful. They are just exceptional people. Utah is very fortunate to have those types of leaders.”