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Nanny Says She Lied When She Called Mia a Good Mother

April 6, 1993 GMT

NEW YORK (AP) _ A former nanny for Mia Farrow’s children testified Monday that she lied when she told Connecticut police that Farrow was a good mother.

Police were investigating Farrow’s allegations that filmmaker Woody Allen, Farrow’s former lover, had molested their 7-year-old adopted daughter, Dylan. Allen said last month that child abuse experts from Yale-New Haven Hospital cleared him of the charges.

Monica Thompson, who worked for Farrow for eight years, said during the trial in the Allen-Farrow child custody battle Monday that she told police Farrow was a good mother, ″but I didn’t really mean it.″


″I knew that if I said ‘no’ I would have lost my job,″ she said.

Thompson also said Farrow had asked her if she would testify in Farrow’s behalf if the sex-abuse case got to court. Thompson said she agreed, but when she was subpoenaed in January, she quit her job because she didn’t want to take sides.

After quitting, Thompson released a statement through Allen’s agent saying Allen was a better parent than Farrow.

But on cross-examination by Farrow’s lawyer, Thompson acknowledged that she had told several people that Farrow was a good mother.

Allen, 57, and Farrow, 48, are fighting for custody of their adopted children, Dylan and Moses, 15, and their biological son, Satchel, 5. The battle began after Farrow learned that Allen was sexually involved with her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, 22.

Called as a witness for Allen, Thompson also said that in January 1992, after Farrow had learned of Allen’s affair with Previn, ″I heard Miss Farrow tell the kids their father was a bad man, and he’s a devil.″

Allen’s lawyer, Elkan Abramowitz, tried to show that Farrow contrived the sex abuse charge because of Allen’s affair with Previn. He asked Thompson about an exchange she had overheard between Farrow and Dylan.

″So Dylan, what did daddy do? Did daddy ask you to take off your underwear?″ Thompson quoted Farrow as asking the child. She said a video camera was on but Dylan seemed uninterested in the discussion.