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Robin Givens Files $125 Million Libel Suit Against Mike Tyson

November 17, 1988 GMT

NEW YORK (AP) _ Actress Robin Givens filed a $125 million libel suit Wednesday against her estranged husband, heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, for allegedly telling a newspaper that she was trying to steal his money.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Manhattan, accused Tyson of holding Givens, 23, up ″to public contempt, ridicule, embarrassment, disgrace and prejudice.″

The latest swing in the marital punchout between Tyson and Givens stemmed from a Nov. 7 New York Post article that quoted Tyson as saying Givens tried to ″steal″ his money and property.


The Post was not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, which described the article as ″false, defamatory, malicious and libelous.″

The New York Post had no immediate comment.

Tyson and Givens, married Feb. 12, have filed for divorce. He is suing her in New Jersey and she is suing him in California.

The lawsuit, filed by New York divorce lawyer Raoul Lionel Feldberg, seeks $25 million for damages and injury and an additional $100 million in ″punitive, compensatory and special damages.″

″I think it’s funny,″ Tyson manager Bill Cayton told The Associated Press.

″The lawsuit is outrageous and ludicrous,″ said Howard Weitzman, Tyson’s lawyer. ″This young lady once again is attempting to shift blame from her conduct to someone else and blame them for any problems she perceives she’s having. ...

″What Mike said in the Post interview he believed to be true based on the fact that Robin refused to give to his lawyers books and records relating to his money that she misrepresented to the public when she said she did not want any money, when in fact she had at first demanded $8 million and then reduced it to between $1 1/2 to $2 million.″

Among the Tyson quotes in the Post article that angered his wife were lines such as: ″She manipulated me ... Now it turns out she was lying when she said she didn’t want anything from me.″

The article also quoted Tyson as saying: ″The nature of those two women (Givens and her mother, Ruth Roper) is to be mean and vindictive. She said she wants nothing, but she refused to sign a release.″

Also: ″And she (Givens) stole money from me when we were together.″

Givens also claimed that during the same period he was talking to the Post, Tyson was calling her so often ″that she was forced to disconnect her telephone.″