Thieves steal $14 million from Chile’s international airport

March 10, 2020 GMT

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Thieves stole $14 million and 1 million euros that was destined for an armored truck in a warehouse in Chile’s international airport, officials said, the same place where a $10 million heist was carried out almost six years ago.

Oscar Figueroa, prefect of Chile’s investigative police, said the thieves entered the terminal’s warehouse in a vehicle that bore the logo of a well-known courier company.

“The security of this entrance point was violated,” said Figueroa.

The robbery affected a company that operated in the warehouse which had received the money from abroad. Two guards in the terminal suffered light injuries.

In August 2014, thieves stole $10 million from the same place. Those thieves were captured and convicted but only a small part of the stolen money was recovered.