Katee Sackhoff didn’t want ‘boring’ Captain Marvel role

March 29, 2017 GMT

Katee Sackhoff is pleased she missed out on Captain Marvel role as it would have been “boring” being a hero.

The 36-year-old actress was at the centre of a fan campaign to get filmmakers to cast her as the superhero for an upcoming standalone film and though the role in the 2019 project ultimately went to Brie Larson, Katie isn’t too disappointed because she doesn’t think she’d have enjoyed the role.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, she said: “No, it wasn’t meant to be. I had meetings with Marvel but I don’t know if it was for Captain Marvel specifically. I don’t like playing the hero anyway - it’s boring.”


And she thinks the fan campaign to land her the part ended up pushing the role further away from her grasp.

She explained: “They don’t work. They potentially do the opposite. No executive wants to do what the masses tell them to. They always go for the unexpected because they all want to be the hero that saves the series. They don’t want to jump on a bandwagon. I can’t think of an example where it’s ever worked.”

The former ‘Battlestar Galactica’ actress will next be seen in ‘Origin Unknown’, her first sci-fi project since she starred in the TV series and admits it’s the first time anything in the genre has really interested her and not seem tame in comparison to classics such as ‘Alien’, ‘Predator’, ‘Total Recall’, ‘Forbidden Planet’ and ‘The Abyss’.

She explained: “After ‘Battlestar Galactica’, every science fiction project I read seemed dull and unoriginal. I grew up watching science fiction movies with my dad and scored an A-plus with ‘Battlestar’ so following that was difficult.

“He showed me movies I shouldn’t have seen when I was eight but it gave me the love of what I do because I knew very early on that movies aren’t real - which is a necessity when your father is showing you ‘Predator’ when you’re eight.”

But she admitted that being exposed to such gruesome movies as a child did affect her.

She explained: “The scene in ‘Terminator’ where he cuts his arm open freaked me out when I was a kid. Then when he pulls his eyeball out. ‘Alien’ had a huge impact on me because of because of Sigourney Weaver. One of my favourite movies ever is ‘Total Recall’ - it’s a great movie. And I grew up idolising Lucy Lawless in ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’.”