German policeman guilty of ‘stealthing,’ removing condom during sex

December 20, 2018 GMT

A German court has convicted a police officer of sexual assault for “stealthing,” removing a condom during sex without consent.

The case is believed to be Germany’s first prosecution of stealthing since the country changed its sexual assault laws in 2016, CNN reported.

The convicted police officer was ordered to pay fines of more than $3,500 and given an eight-month suspended jail sentence.

Prosecuted cases of stealthing have occurred in Canada and Switzerland, CNN reported.

Stealthing gained prominence last year with the publication of a paper in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law on how to deal with an act that leaves victims feeling violated and puts them at risk of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.


The paper’s author, Alexandra Brodsky, said she couldn’t find one example of a U.S. legal case dealing with stealthing. She interviewed women and some men who had experienced such an assault and found online forums with men praising the practice.

Ms. Brodsky concluded that a new civil law should be enacted against stealthing.