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Wife of Killer Admits Affair With Victim of Gruesome Murder

March 30, 1994 GMT

HANAU, Germany (AP) _ Sitting on his wife’s hospital bed, U.S. Army Sgt. Stephen Schap held her lover’s severed head in both hands and said ″I did this for you,″ she testified Wednesday.

Irate that his wife had become pregnant by Spc. Gregory Glover, Schap stabbed Glover up to 15 times before decapitating him at a U.S. military base in Fulda on Dec. 7.

Schap was arrested after putting the head in a gym bag and taking it to a hospital where his wife, Diane, had gone because of complications with her pregnancy.

Charged with premeditated murder, Schap would face an automatic life sentence if conficted. His lawyers do not deny he killed Glover, but argue he exploded in spontaneous rage after learning on the day of the killing that his wife was pregnant by another man.

Appearing on the third day of her husband’s court-martial, Mrs. Schap said that she had not told her husband who her lover was, but that Schap guessed correctly she was pregnant with Glover’s child.

Mrs. Schap, 26, who is about six months pregnant, told the seven-man jury at the U.S. Army Pioneer base in Hanau her husband entered her hospital room carrying the victim’s head in his hands.

″Look, Diane, Glover’s here. He’ll sleep with you every night, only you won’t sleep at night,″ she quoted her husband as telling her. ″He told me, ’I studied, I planned this. I calculated this. I did this for you. I love you.‴

Schap, 26, who looked straight ahead impassively while his wife testified, had been friends with Glover, 21, of Phoenix.

Mrs. Schap said she and her husband had been preparing to separate.

Staff Sgt. David Moss testified Schap told him that nine days before the slaying, ″he had found out about why Diane wanted a separation by reading her diary.″

His wife told the court Glover was never mentioned in the diary.

Schap’s mother, Marianne Schap, who divorced his father 12 years ago, testified for the defense that her son took the divorce very hard. Asked if infidelty was involved in her own divorce, the mother said, ″Yes.″

She said her son once told her ″if he ever got married it would be for life. He would do anything to keep his marriage together.″

The trial continues Thursday. Fulda is about 65 miles northeast of Frankfurt.