Split court sides with Alaska rafting company in man’s death

March 23, 2018 GMT

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — A divided Alaska Supreme Court has sided with a river rafting company, deciding its release form protected it from liability in the 2013 death of a man on a rafting trip.

The majority ruling, supported by three of the court’s five members, found the release form signed by Stephen Morton before his trip with NOVA River Runners was clear in outlining risks and effectively waived NOVA’s liability for negligence.

Justices Daniel Winfree and Susan Carney dissented, saying none of the listed risks related to unskilled guides or negligence in screening other rafters.

Morton’s widow challenged the validity of the release and alleged the rafting company was negligent. The court decision does not say where Morton was from.

Morton died after his raft capsized during a whitewater rafting trip near Hope.