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Conservator Appointed for Beach Boy Brian Wilson

December 6, 1991 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Brian Wilson, the troubled founder of the Beach Boys, will have to stay away from his longtime psychologist and submit his finances to a conservator under terms of settlement reached Thursday.

The lawsuit, which tore apart the famous musical family, was filed by Wilson’s brother, Carl, and their cousins, Mike and Stan Love.

They portrayed Eugene Landy, Wilson’s live-in psychologist and business parter, as an opportunist who brainwashed Wilson, 49, and used him as a multimillion-dollar cash cow.

Wilson and Landy formed a company and shared in the proceeds from two of Wilson’s albums and his autobiography, ″Wouldn’t it Be Nice - My Own Story.″

Drug abuse and a nervous breakdown brought Wilson and Landy together in 1976. Wilson credited the psychologist with saving his life through an unusual 24-hour-a-day technique where the therapist and his staff controlled Wilson’s every move and isolated him from bad influences.

The doctor-patient relationship evolved into a friendship and business venture, and Landy quit his practice.

In May 1990, Wilson’s relatives asked a Superior Court judge to appoint a conservator for Wilson.

The settlement, reached behind closed doors, was filed under seal and details were confidential, said Brian Wilson’s lawyer, Gregory J. Aldisert, and Wilson family attorneys Barry Langberg and Jody Leslie.

″Brian Wilson has entered into a settlement agreement which will allow Brian to receive guidance and assistance while at the same time allowing him the freedom to lead his own life as he chooses,″ said a statement released by both sides.

The name and duties of the conservator weren’t disclosed as part of the agreement.

Landy was technically not a part of the legal case brought by the family but ″he has voluntarily agreed to be a part of the settlement,″ said a source close to the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Landy’s round-the-clock treatment of Brian Wilson began in 1983 and ended in 1986. The novel therapy program eventually resulted in action by state medical authorities.

In March 1989, Landy surrendered his license to the California Board of Medical Quality Assurance after being banned from practicing psychology in the state for at least two years.

The Beach Boys emerged in 1961 with hits like ″Surfin’ USA,″ ″California Girls,″ ″In My Room″ and ″Good Vibrations.″