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List of Major Car Bombings in Lebanon

December 30, 1991 GMT

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) _ Here are some of the deadliest car bombings in Lebanon since such attacks became frequent in the 1980s.

-Sept. 17, 1981: Three attacks kill 100 people: 25 killed, 108 wounded in West Beirut headquarters of leftist National Movement and Palestinian commando movement; 10 killed, 100 wounded, in Chekka, a Christian town in north Lebanon; 65 killed, 100 wounded in Sidon, provincial capital of south Lebanon.

-Oct. 1, 1981: Explosion in Fakhani, then-headquarters of the Palestine Liberation Organization, kills 93, wounds 225.

-Dec. 15, 1981: Blast demolishes Iraqi Embassy in west Beirut. Twenty-six killed, 110 wounded.

-Feb. 5, 1983: Palestine Research Center explosion kills 19, wounds 136.

-April 18, 1983: Suicide car bomber demolishes the U.S. Embassy, kills 62 people and wounds 100.

-Oct. 4, 1983: Truck bomb at Israeli army headquarters in Tyre kills 62, including 30 Israelis, wounds 50.

-Oct. 23, 1983: Suicide car bombers simultaneously blow up U.S. Marine base and French paratroopers headquarters in Beirut. Attacks kills 241 American servicemen, 58 French troops.

-March 8, 1985: Explosion in Bir al-Abed near home of Hezbollah spiritual leader Sheik Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah kills 75, wounds over 200. The Iran- backed group Hezbollah blames CIA and Israel.

-May 22, 1985: In east Beirut’s neighborhood of Sin el-Fil, 42 people are killed, 177 wounded.

-June 18, 1985: Car bomb outside ice cream parlor in Tripoli kills 60, wounds 110. Most victims were celebrating end of Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

-May 30, 1988: Car explodes in east Beirut kills 20, wounds 78.

-May 16, 1989: Car bomb in west Beirut kills 22, including Sunni Muslim Grand Mufti Hassan Khaled, wounds 75.

-March 20, 1991: Parked car explodes as Defense Minister Michel Murr’s motorcade drives through Christian neighborhood. Murr survives, eight are killed. It is the first such attack since the army moved into Beirut on Dec. 3, 1990, to end militia reign.

-Dec. 30 - Car bomb explodes in poor Muslim neighborhood, killing at least 30, wounding 120. Wounded included former Prime Minister Shafik Wazzan, who was passing through area in his bulletproof car.