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‘Robocop’ Leads In Nominations For Saturn Awards

April 7, 1988 GMT

HOLLYWOOD (AP) _ ″Robocop,″ the thriller about a cop-turned-robot, led the way with eight nominations in the 15th annual Saturn Awards competition, which honors top science fiction, fantasy and horror films.

The movie edged ″Witches of Eastwick″ which garnered seven nominations, and ″The Lost Boys″ and ″Near Dark,″ which had five each, officials of the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films announced Wednesday.

Winners will be announced Oct. 31 at a televised awards ceremony.

The nominees by category with studios given only for the film categories: Best Science Fiction Film

″The Hidden,″ New Line Cinema; ″Innerspace,″ Warner Bros.; ″Masters of the Universe,″ Cannon; ″Predator″ 20th Century-Fox; ″Robocop,″ Orion; ″The Running Man″ Tri-Star. Best Fantasy Film

″Batteries Not Included,″ Universal; ″Date with an Angel,″ DEG; ″Harry and the Hendersons,″ Universal; ″The Living Daylights, ″ MGM/UA; ″The Princess Bride,″ 20th Century-Fox; ″The Witches of Eastwick,″ Warner Bros. Best Horror Film

″Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn,″ Rosebud; ″Hellraiser,″ New World; ″The Lost Boys,″ Warner Bros.; ″Near Dark,″ DEG; ″Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors,″ New Line; ″Vengeance: The Demon,″ DEG. Best Actor

Lance Henriksen, ″Vengeance: The Demon″; Jack Nicholson, ″The Witches of Eastwick″; Michael Nouri, ″The Hidden″; Terry O’Quinn, ″The Stepfather″; Arnold Schwarzenegger, ″Predator″; Peter Weller, ″Robocop.″ Best Actress

Nancy Allen, ″Robocop″; Melinda Dillon, ″Harry & the Hendersons″; Lorraine Gary, ″Jaws: The Revenge″; Jessica Tandy, ″Batteries Not Included″; Robin Wright, ″The Princess Bride.″ Best Supporting Actor

Richard Dawson, ″The Running Man″; Robert De Niro, ″Angel Heart″; Robert Englund, ″Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors ″; Barnard Hughes, ″The Lost Boys,″; Duncan Regehr, ″The Monster Squad″; Bill Paxton, ″Near Dark.″ Best Supporting Actress

Lisa Bonet, ″Angel Heart,″; Veronica Cartwright, ″The Witches of Eastwick″; Louise Fletcher, ″Flowers in the Attic″; Jenette Goldstein, ″Near Dark″; Dorothy Lamour, ″Creepshow 2″; Anne Ramsey, ″Throw Momma From the Train.″ Best Juvenile Performance

Kirk Cameron, ″Like Father, Like Son″; Scott Curtis, ″Cameron’s Closet″; Stephen Dorff, ″The Gate″; Andre Gower, ″The Monster Squad″; Corey Haim, ″The Lost Boys″; Josh Miller, ″Near Dark.″ Best Direction

Kathryn Bigelow, ″Near Dark″; Joe Dante, ″Innerspace″; William Dear, ″Harry and the Hendersons″; Jack Sholder, ″The Hidden″; Paul Verhoeven, ″Robocop″; Stan Winston, ″Vengeance: The Demon.″ Best Writing

Michael Cristofer, ″The Witches of Eastwick″; James Dearden, ″Fatal Attraction″; William Goldman, ″The Princess Bride″; Bob Hunt, ″The Hidden″; Edward Neumeier, Michael Miner, ″Robocop″; Alan Parker, ″Angel Heart.″

Other awards will be made for best music, best costume, best makeup and best special effects.