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Cybill: I Dated Elvis - And He Smelled Good

May 9, 1988 GMT

NEW YORK (AP) _ Long before Maddie Hayes met David Addison, her real-life alter ego - actress Cybill Shepherd - was out on the town with Elvis Presley.

″I don’t think I’ve told anybody this, but yes, I went out with Elvis. ... It was mythic. He looked great. And he smelled great - he really did,″ the ″Moonlighting″ star told Vanity Fair magazine for its June issue.

″I really liked him. I thought he was very warm. And one of the most beautiful men I’d ever seen,″ said Miss Shepherd, adding she later saw the darker side of the king of rock ‘n’ roll.


″As I spent more time with him, I realized he did have a drug dependency - and I’ve never been interested in drugs at all,″ Miss Shepherd said. ″It was like, ’Well, it’s time to go to sleep now, here’s your pills.″

She also expressed her displeasure at the way her hit TV series has gone since her character became pregnant.

″I just feel that what we did with it (the pregnancy) was a mistake,″ Miss Shepherd said. ″We had this marvelous woman who was strong, and we had this guy who was a jerk but attractive, and said the cutest things.

″And suddenly, David was utterly sympathetic and Maddie Hayes was horribly unsympathetic. ... This is where the problem of the series was - and is - for me.″