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New Mexico County Endorses Mandatory Gun Ownership

August 3, 1994 GMT

RESERVE, N.M. (AP) _ Every house in Catron County should contain a gun for safety reasons and to counter threats against the right to bear arms, the county’s commissioners said Tuesday.

In a non-binding resolution, the three-man Catron County Commission stated unanimously that a gun and ammunition should stand at the ready in each home in the western New Mexico county of 2,560 people.

Assistant County Manager Jim Blancq acknowledged the resolution doesn’t actually require anything but puts commissioners on record as saying they believe it should be mandatory.


″That’s what the Catron County Commission believes ought to be done,″ he said. ″If you just flat said, ‘I don’t believe in having a gun,’ nobody was going to do anything to you.″

He said most heads of household in the sparsely populated area along the Arizona line probably already own guns.

The measure cites U.S. and state constitutional laws on the right to keep and bear arms, and adds: ″There are forces in our country that are striving to take away our right to bear arms.″

Blancq said proponents were concerned that legislation such as the federal Brady Law, which requires a five-day waiting period for handgun purchases, might erode gun owners’ rights.