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Actress-Dancer Juliet Prowse Bitten Second Time By Leopard

December 3, 1987 GMT

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) _ A leopard that sent actress-dancer Juliet Prowse to the hospital when it playfully nipped her neck last September inflicted a more vicious bite Wednesday, a spokesman said.

The performer was not seriously injured, however, said spokesman Dan Jenkins.

Miss Prowse was preparing for an appearance on ″The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson″ when the 80-pound animal, named Sheila, put its front paws on her shoulder.

″Juliet turned her head a little to the right,″ Jenkins said, ″and the leopard suddenly went for her left ear and the side of her neck.


″She wasn’t playing this time,″ he quoted the actress as saying.

Although the animal bloodied her ear and neck, Jenkins said Miss Prowse wasn’t hurt badly.

Miss Prowse, 51, was reported in stable condition at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Burbank shortly after the incident, which occurred at approximately 4:30 p.m.

″She’s doing quite well,″ said Patty Mayberry, the hospital’s nursing supervisor. Ms. Mayberry said the performer received stitches for the laceration, but she didn’t know how many.

Jenkins had said she might have to stay in the hospital overnight. He added that a plastic surgeon had also been called to examine the wound.

″She’s in good shape. She wanted to come right back here from the hospital and do the show without the leopard, but everybody said ’Oh no you don’t,‴ Jenkins said.

″This kid’s a real trouper,″ he added. ″She’s got more guts than a burglar.″

The spokesman said the actress was first bitten in September as she was rehearsing an animal act for the 12th annual ″Circus of the Stars,″ television show, scheduled to air Dec. 15.

Miss Prowse, who received five stitches that time, filmed the act after recovering from the wound. She had no further problems working with Sheila or four other leopards, he said.

She was to appear on The Tonight Show with the tan and black animal Wednesday to promote the forthcoming show.

Jenkins said Miss Prowse was walking with the animal past a large wall of mirrors, which appeared to startle the big cat.

″She was seeing both herself and Juliet in the mirrors and it apparently just set her off,″ he said.