Ex-chiropractor gets 5-year prison term for tax evasion

May 8, 2019 GMT

LAKEWOOD, N.J. (AP) — A former chiropractor who evaded paying more than $500,000 in income taxes and didn’t report a Russian bank account where he deposited more than $1.5 million is now headed to prison.

Federal prosecutors say Carlo Amato received a five-year sentence Tuesday,

The 57-year-old Beachwood man owned and operated a Lakewood chiropractor and physical therapy business from 2012-2015. Prosecutors say he deposited checks for chiropractic services into bank accounts held in the names of his young children and didn’t disclose the payments to his accountants or report them on his tax returns.


Amato pleaded last September to tax evasion and failure to file a report of foreign financial account.