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A Chronology of the Daniloff-Zakharov Cases

September 30, 1986 GMT

Undated (AP) _ Here is a chronology of events in the Daniloff-Zakharov arrests.

Aug. 23 - Gennadiy Zakharov, 39-year-old Soviet physicist and United Nations employee, is arrested by the FBI on federal espionage charges.

Aug. 26 - Soviets demand Zakharov’s release from a New York City jail.

Aug. 27 - Zakharov is denied bail despite guarantees by his government that he will make future court appearances.

Aug. 30 - Nicholas S. Daniloff, Moscow bureau chief of the magazine U.S. News & World Report, is arrested by the KGB after a Soviet acquaintance handed him a closed package containing maps marked ″top secret.″ The Reagan administration protests his detention, calling his arrest a setup.

Sept. 1 - Reagan administration officials say superpower summit planning will continue despite Daniloff’s arrest.

Sept. 2 - Soviets deny that Daniloff’s detention is in retaliation for Zakharov arrest.

Sept. 3 - United States proposes that Daniloff be freed and that Zakharov be returned to the Soviet Union following an espionage trial. Soviets, meanwhile, threaten to bring smuggling charges against Daniloff and his wife over family jewelry they failed to list on customs forms.

Sept. 4 - Soviets fail to respond to U.S. proposal to free Daniloff. U.S. News & World Report owner Mortimer Zuckerman says Daniloff opposes any deal that would involve swapping him for a Soviet spy.

Sept. 5 - Secretary of State George Shultz rules out a Daniloff-Zakharov trade with the Soviets.

Sept. 7 - Daniloff is charged with espionage, which in the Soviet Union can carry the death penalty.

Sept. 8 - Izvestia charges that Daniloff was engaged in various acts of espionage, including gathering intelligence on Soviet military operations in Afghanistan.

Sept. 9 - Zakharov is indicted on espionage charges by a federal grand jury. U.S. officials again insist he won’t be traded for Daniloff.

Sept. 10 - Reagan says he has received word from Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on U.S. request for early release of Daniloff, but he won’t reveal what was said. Daniloff says Soviet investigators like his idea of releasing him to the custody of the U.S. ambassador pending trial on spying charges.

Sept. 12 - Soviets release Daniloff from custody, but do not drop spy charges against him or allow him to leave the Soviet Union. In New York, Zakharov is turned over to the custody of Soviet Ambassador Yuri Dubinin pending his espionage trial.

Sept. 16 - Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard A. Shevardnadze, arriving in New York for the U.N. General Assembly, says only the Reagan administration can dim prospects for a summit between the superpowers.

Sept. 17 - The Reagan administration orders the expulsion of 25 U.N.-based Soviet diplomats, but says the action is not related to the espionage charges against the reporter.

Sept. 18 - Gorbachev says Daniloff was a spy caught in the act of espionage and that Washington was exploiting the case to spoil superpower relations, according to the official news agency Tass.

Sept. 19 - Reagan summons Shevardnadze to the White Houst to ″convey the strength of his feelings″ about the charges against the American reporter.

Sept. 22 - Reagan, addressing the U.N. General Assembly, says ″a pall has been cast″ on U.S.-Soviet relations by the Daniloff case, but does not say it would interfere with strategic arms talks.

Sept. 23 - Shultz holds his first meeting with the Soviet foreign minister the Daniloff case.

Sept. 26 - Shultz and holds a third and lengthy meeting with Shevardnaze, but fails to reach agreement.

Sept. 27 - The U.S. Senate votes to urge Reagan to hold off on a summit with Gorbachev until Daniloff is released.

Sept. 28 - Shultz and Shevardnadze hold an unannounced meeting for three hours at the United Nations to discuss the Daniloff case, but a spokesman refuses to say if progress was made toward the reporter’s release.

Sept. 29 - Daniloff is released and flies to Frankfurt, West Germany on his way to the United States. Officials in New York report no change in the status of Zakharov, but a Soviet bloc source at the United Nations says Zakharov will be exchanged for Daniloff.