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McStuffin, Fried Chicken New on Some McD’s Menus

May 28, 1993 GMT

OAK BROOK, Ill. (AP) _ French bread and fried chicken are finding their way into some McDonald’s restaurants in the chain’s quest to snare a larger share of the fast-food market.

McStuffins are baked french bread sandwiches with sauce and a choice of flavorings including teriyaki chicken, barbecued beef, pepperoni pizza, and cheese steak. They sell for $2 and are being tested at restaurants in the Raleigh, N.C., area; Erie, Pa.; and parts of Texas, said Ed Rensi, president and chief executive of McDonald’s domestic operations at the company’s annual meeting on Friday.


Buoyed by strong sales of its Mighty Wings fried chicken promotion, McDonald’s is also testing other fried chicken products at restaurants in New York City, Cleveland and Norfolk, Va., Rensi said.

He said it is too early to say whether the products will be expanded into other markets.

Analyst Peter Oakes of Merrill Lynch Inc. in New York said reviews so far of McStuffins have been good.

″But you’ve got to realize that for everything that you and I hear about, there’s probably five other things we don’t,″ he said. ″McDonald’s is usually very cautious about new items, so I wouldn’t expect them to move too quickly unless they come up with a sure winner.″

The company, in a bid to increase sales mostly at dinner time, has tested pizza, pasta and various chicken dishes, only to return those products to test kitchens for further tinkering.

″We are pleased with our momentum, but we are not satisfied,″ said Mike Quinlan, chief executive for McDonald’s combined operations. ″No matter how good we are today, we know we can be better tomorrow.″

Meanwhile, before the shareholders’ meeting, about 30 anti-beef protesters greeted shareholders with signs calling for a vegetarian hamburger.

The Beyond Beef Campaign has targeted McDonald’s Corp., saying the Oak Brook, Ill.-based chain should offer the alternative burger and spend 25 percent of its advertising budget promoting it.

Rensi said the company has no plans to offer such a burger and said the company has other vegetarian fares, including salads.