Two-state count of the Venus Flytrap estimates 302K plants

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The numbers are in on the count of Venus Flytraps in North Carolina and South Carolina.

From May to July, the North Carolina’s Natural Heritage Program counted the carnivorous plant in the two states. Team members explored remote wildlands to find Venus flytraps and map and document the size of each population. They also recorded the overall condition of the habitat and noted threats.

The researchers say they estimate more than 302,000 Venus flytrap plants at 21 site locations in North Carolina and South Carolina. They actually counted 168,827 plants and the rest of the count was based on transects through densely populated habitats.

Of the total counted, 4,876 plants were in South Carolina.

North Carolina law makes it felony to take a Venus Flytrap without a permit.