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Laura Linney got sick after ex meeting

July 23, 2017 GMT

Laura Linney “threw up in a garbage can” after she met up with an ex-boyfriend and discovered he had recently wed.

The ‘You Can Count on Me’ actress had lunch with an old flame and was devastated to learn he’d recently married someone else, but was able to retain her composure until they went their separate ways.

She said:” I threw up into a garbage can on a New York street. I’d just seen a former boyfriend who’d just got married.

“He was someone I was very in love with. He met me to have lunch and all I could do was stare at his wedding band.

“I kept myself together, then we left and I went outside and vomited in a garbage can.


“It was like a bad movie moment.”

The 53-year-old actress - who was previously married to David Adkins and has three-year-old son Bennett with spouse Marc Schauer - has won a string of awards during her career, but one of the things she’s most proud of is her sense of direction.

She boasted: “I have an incredible sense of direction. Put me in a city I’ve never been to, make me walk a mile and I can march my way back to where I started.”

The ‘Ozark’ star was a very clumsy child and has a “criss-cross highway” of scars.

She told Empire magazine: ”[I have scars] under my chin. I just kept falling over as a child.

“Didn’t jump far enough off a diving board. Fell on a nail. All kinds of accidents, always hitting the same spot. There’s a criss-cross highway on my chin.”