MBTA crime remains lower than 5 years ago

March 11, 2020 GMT

BOSTON (AP) — A police patrol plan on the Boston-area public transit system that took effect in 2016 continues to keep violent crime consistently lower than it was just five years ago, Transit Police Superintendent Richard Sullivan said.

Sullivan on Tuesday released figures showing there were 779 homicides, rapes, aggravated assaults, larcenies and other so-called part one violent crimes on the MBTA last year, compared to 770 in 2018, he said Tuesday.

The four-year average for 2016 through 2019, however, stands at 782, compared to 998 for the previous five years, he told The Boston Globe.


Sullivan said the numbers show that since he and Chief Kenneth Green instituted a new patrol plan in 2016, “part-one crimes had a precipitous drop, and we’ve maintained that for the last four years.”

Riders take more than 1.1 million trips on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority every weekday.

The revised patrolling strategy that took effect in 2016 is better tailored to a transit system, he said.