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George C. Scott Accused of Sexual Harassment in $3.1 Million Lawsuit

May 3, 1996 GMT

NEW YORK (AP) _ George C. Scott’s former personal assistant sued him for $3.1 million Thursday, claiming he fondled her, propositioned her and left suggestive messages on her voice mail.

Julie Wright, 26, was hired as Scott’s $1,500-a-week assistant on Feb. 18, just before previews began for ``Inherit the Wind,″ the Broadway show he is currently starring in.

The defendants in the sexual harassment lawsuit are Scott and his production company, Campbell-Devon Productions.

Wright, who worked for Scott until April 30, said she was supposed to run errands for the 68-year-old actor, make appointments and handle mail.

``One week after I began working for Scott and CDP, upon my arrival to his suite, I asked Scott, `Is there anything you need?‴ Wright said in court papers.

``Scott’s reply was, `I need a pack of Lucky’s, call up room service for eight bottles of Bud and a bottle of Smirnoff, and now for the real question: Will you have my baby?‴

Wright also contends Scott touched her breasts, tried to kiss her and made such remarks as ``I want you to have my baby,″ ``I want to suckle you″ and ``Why won’t you sleep with me?″

Through his spokesman Jim Mahoney, Scott called the charges ``absurd and completely untrue.″

Wright, a former student at Piedmont Community College in Yanceyville, N.C., met Scott in January while working as an intern on a television movie he was starring in.

Wright said that after she called Scott and asked for a reference, the actor offered her $1,500 a week plus room and board at the posh Parker Meridien Hotel in Manhattan if she would work for him.

The lawsuit contends Scott told Wright he is scheduled to have surgery after the play closes in June and ``expects to die″ during the procedure.

Wright is asking the court to order Scott to testify before the operation, but Mahoney denied that Scott is scheduled to undergo surgery.

Scott became ill and left the stage in mid-performance April 16; his understudy, Tony Randall, filled in.

The ailing actor has missed at least 11 performances since the start of previews Feb. 27.