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Benetton Ad Campaign to Feature Priest Kissing Nun

July 4, 1991 GMT

MILAN, Italy (AP) _ Italian casual-wear maker Benetton unveiled its latest advertising campaign Thursday, one likely to be as controversial as some of its predecessors.

One of the six new print ads features models dressed like a priest and nun and kissing on the lips.

Another ad shows a newborn still bloody from birth and with its umbilical cord unsevered. That ad won’t be used in the United States.

″The images aren’t aimed at showing off the beauty of the clothing but capturing the interest of people with the aim of making them reflect,″ said Oliviero Toscani, the photographer who created the ads, which were unveiled in Milan.


Benetton is no stranger to controversy - a previous campaign was withdrawn in the United States when some groups objected to an image of a black woman breast-feeding a white baby.

There were also some objections in Italy during the Gulf War over an advertisement which showed crosses in a cemetery with a Jewish headstone in the middle of the photo.

Founded in 1965 as a family concern, the Benetton Group has grown to a $1.5 billion company, with 6,300 outlets worldwide.