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Woman Shoots Foot in Effort to Remove Callus

February 27, 1996 GMT

MUNCIE, Ind. (AP) _ A woman used a shotgun to try to remove a callus from her foot after a bout of heavy drinking.

Bonnie Booth, 38, was listed in good condition Tuesday, a day after firing a .410-gauge shotgun, the smallest shotgun, in her back yard.

She was taken to Ball Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. No immediate charges were filed, and the extent of her injuries was not disclosed.

``She told investigators she drank a gallon of vodka and two or three beers and tried to shoot the callus off her foot,″ police Capt. Baird Davis said.

``She told officers she had already tried to cut off the callus with a razor and it didn’t work. She was afraid it was getting infected because it hurt real bad.″