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Woman Recalls Experiences With Dahmer At Prom, Seance With AM-Milwaukee Massacre, Bjt

August 3, 1991 GMT

CLEVELAND (AP) _ A woman said a man who confessed to 17 slayings was polite on their prom date, but she fled from Jeffrey Dahmer’s home in 1978 during a seance in which the devil was invoked, a newspaper reported Saturday.

The Plain Dealer reported that Bridget Geiger’s first date was with Dahmer, who went with her to the Revere High School prom. She was 16 and he was 18 in 1978.

Ms. Geiger said he was polite and courteous, but somewhat aloof. She said he asked her to be his date because her best friend dated Dahmer’s best friend.

″He was scared to death of girls,″ she said. ″He was scared to death I was going to kiss him.″

Police said Dahmer, now in jail in Milwaukee awaiting trial, has confessed to 17 killings, 16 in Wisconsin and one in 1978 at his boyhood home in the Akron suburb of Bath Township.

The newspaper said Ms. Geiger is now married, but the report did not say whether Geiger is her married name or her maiden name.

Ms. Geiger said it was sometime after the prom in June 1978 that she was invited to a party at Dahmer’s home. Ms. Geiger said there was ″no music, no food or drinks - it was a nerd party. There were seven people at the whole thing.″

She said Dahmer and a friend called for a seance.

″Then, after we sat down and were situated, the lights went out and one of the kids - not Dahmer - said, ‘Let’s call Lucifer.’ Then the flame on the candles snapped,″ she said.

She said she was frightened and fled from the house and has not seen Dahmer since.