Joseph Dupont: Voter fraud is treason and should be considered a capital offense

November 11, 2018 GMT


Since Sen.McCain died, Sen. Lindsey Graham has grown in stature and courage with his assessment of what the left will do to steal votes and elections.

How can anyone drive by a military cemetery and not feel like vomiting at the thought of people committing voter fraud? The major media has never cared about voter fraud and almost shows glee when illegal aliens find a way illegally vote! Every valid vote is precious representing the dying wishes of all those veterans whose life’s blood flowed into the battle field. To think of these soldiers making the ultimate sacrifice and not seeing all American wrenching in both emotional and physical pain is disheartening. That is why I feel that asking for the Death Penalty for voter fraud is called for. It is Treason at the highest level.


Joseph Dupont

Lake Havasu City