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Newborn Apparently Kidnapped From Mother’s Hospital Room

September 22, 1989 GMT

BALTIMORE (AP) _ A $25,000 reward has been offered for the return of a 3-day-old boy apparently kidnapped from his mother’s hospital room by a woman dressed as a nurse, authorities said.

The reward was posted by Sinai Hospital after Avery James Norris disappeared Thursday from a bassinet as his mother rested in her bed.

″I am deeply shaken,″ said Dr. B. Stanley Cohen, hospital president. ″This is a matter of great concern. I’m not interested in arrest and conviction. I’m interested in the recovery of that baby.″

The mother, legal secretary Linda McLaughlin Norris, 30, told police a woman dressed in a nurse’s uniform came into her room and said a doctor would visit shortly. The woman walked Mrs. Norris to bed, put the baby in a bassinet and drew a curtain around the bed.

A real nurse came into the room about five minutes later and noticed the baby missing. A maternity patient sharing the room with Mrs. Norris told authorities she saw the woman take the baby but was not alarmed.

A search of the 471-bed hospital failed to turn up the infant, born Tuesday by Caesarean section. The FBI was called in to assistant Baltimore police.