Former California GOP congressman becomes Maine resident

January 13, 2020 GMT

YORK, Maine (AP) — Dana Rohrabacher, a former congressman and one-time speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan who later became a leading defender of Russia on Capitol Hill, is now a Maine resident.

The Republican, who left the U.S. House of Representatives a year ago after losing his bid for a 16th term representing Orange County, California, recently moved into a 3-acre home in York, with his wife and 13-year-old triplets, local news outlets reported.

“Today the Rohrabacher family is especially grateful for our health and our new location in York, Maine,” he posted Dec. 25 on Facebook, with a picture of his family in front of Cape Neddick lighthouse. “We feel blessed to have spent most of our lives in OC immersed in SoCal surf culture, but now we are feeling very much at home here in southern coastal Maine.”


Rohrabacher noted that York has “a much more traditional lifestyle with its colonial/patriot culture and raw natural beauty still intact.”

He added: “We left California with no regrets and look forward to our life, liberty and happiness here in a place where the earliest Americans came seeking refuge and freedom.”