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Heflin Says Fawn Hall Removed Documents in Underwear; She Says No

May 15, 1987 GMT

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Fawn Hall, former White House secretary to Oliver North, smuggled documents out of the White House in her underwear for North after he was fired from the National Security Council staff, Sen. Howell Heflin said Friday.

Ms. Hall reacted with an angry denial.

″I was shocked to hear what Sen. Heflin said about me smuggling documents out in my bra,″ she said through a spokesman. ″It is untrue; it is outrageous that he would say that, and it is certainly sexist.″

Ms. Hall, whose lawyer has said she has been invited to testify before the Iran-Contra commitees, testified for more than two hours earlier Friday before a federal grand jury investigating the Iran-Contra affair.

When she appears on Capitol Hill, Heflin told regional reporters in his office, ″I suppose she will testify that she stuck documents in her underclothes and took them out. She had stuffed documents in her brassiere and other clothes as she left. I think that’s been in the papers, hasn’t it?″

When several reporters told him they had not heard that account, he said, ″I thought I’d seen this. Hasn’t this been in the papers or something? I hope I’m not saying something out of school.″

There have been reports citing unidentified sources as contending Ms. Hall gave North documents she had taken from his White House office the day he was fired.

But those reports did not include the details Heflin talked of.

Heflin’s comments came as the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court fielded questions about the first two weeks of the Iran-Contra hearings.

Andy Messing, the friend of Ms. Hall’s who read her statement to The Associated Press, said of Heflin: ″Evidently someone misadvised him.″

Ms. Hall, who had earlier told prosecutors she helped North shred documents when the Iran-Contra affair was unraveling, testified Friday to the grand jury in a U.S. Courthouse proceeding closed to the public.

Neither she nor her lawyer would comment on the proceeding.

She has been given immunity from prosecution and is cooperating with the investigation being conducted by independent counsel Lawrence E. Walsh.

Asked if his client would be returning to the grand jury, her attorney, Plato Cacheris, said, ″Hopefully not.″

Ms. Hall, 27, has told investigators of the destruction of documents on the weekend that Attorney General Edwin Meese III began an investigation last November into the diversion to the Nicaraguan rebels of profits from the Iran arms sales.

The Meese investigation resulted in North’s dismissal.