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Margo Adams isn’t looking for sympathy, only the chance to be hea

March 16, 1989 GMT

DETROIT (AP) _ Margo Adams isn’t looking for sympathy, only the chance to be heard.

Adams, mistress to Boston Red Sox star third baseman Wade Boggs for four years, was in Detroit Wednesday for an appearance on WXYZ-TV’s ″Kelly & Company″ program.

″I don’t see myself as a woman scorned,″ she said. ″I thought it was important for the public to see my point that these guys are untouchables, that they use influence to get out of things they never should have been in in the first place.″

Adams said she cut off her relationship with the American League batting champion after several Red Sox players told her that she was not the only ″other″ woman.

Her stop in Detroit was part of a national tour for Penthouse magazine promoting her expose about her life with Boggs.

She said she didn’t enjoy being a mistress.

But ″I was a good mistress,″ she said. ″I ironed his shirts, I unpacked his clothes, handed him a towel when he got out of the shower, I’d wear whatever he wanted me to wear for luck.″

Adams, 33, filed a $12-million lawsuit against Boggs last August, seeking compensation for earnings she claims she lost because of her road trips with him.

Boggs’ agent has described her as ″some little groupie trying to make a quick buck off a major league ballplayer.″