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Cosby Daughter: Tyson Assaulted Her

May 8, 1992 GMT

NEW YORK (AP) _ Mike Tyson agreed to undergo psychotherapy three years ago at the urging of Bill Cosby after his daughter, Erinn, told her parents the fighter had tried to sexually assault her, she said in an interview.

Erinn Cosby, 25, said in an interview recorded Wednesday for a syndicated talk show that she had told her parents about the alleged assault at Tyson’s estate in New Jersey.

Tyson, serving a six-year prison sentence on an Indiana rape conviction, later reneged on the therapy agreement, Ms. Cosby said.

The interview on ″NightTalk with Jane Whitney,″ a syndicated late-night talk show, is scheduled to air May 13.

Ms. Cosby, then 22, said she wasn’t raped the night she met Tyson at a New York City night club and was taken to his home. There, she said, he knocked her to the ground and began grabbing at her, but she was able to break away.

″I told my parents,″ she said. ″I told them - they said they would handle it - and they did. I put myself through therapy. ... And from what the agreement was ... my parents wanted him to go to therapy for a year.″

Ms. Cosby said she ran into Tyson several weeks later at a nightclub.

″He came in there looking for me - deliberately looking for me - because he was so upset that he had to go to therapy for a year. Not upset of what he had done to me. ... He was very concerned about how my father felt about him.″

″He was screaming, ’How dare you do this, I am not going to go to therapy,‴ she said. ″I couldn’t even believe that this man was not even concerned about anything that he had done.″

A spokesman said Cosby’s statement on the matter was ″No comment. It’s a family matter.″

Tyson was convicted Feb. 10 of raping Miss Black America beauty pageant contestant Desiree Washington last July in Indianapolis. The courts have refused to release him on bond while he appeals his conviction.

In December 1989, Cosby, author of the best-selling book ″Fatherhood,″ gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times in which he said he was estranged from his daughter Erinn. He complained that she had never held down a job and described her as ″not a person you can trust.″

In another interview that year, he said he and his wife had refused to coddle their daughter when she had drug and alcohol problems. She spent time in a drug rehabilitation center that year, and told a reporter, ″I’m proof that drug and alcohol tragedies can happen even in the most loving families.″