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Actress Elizabeth Hartman Plunges To Death

June 11, 1987 GMT

PITTSBURGH (AP) _ Actress Elizabeth Hartman, nominated for an Oscar for her first film role in the 1966 movie ″A Patch of Blue,″ died Wednesday after she jumped from her fifth-floor window, police said. She was 43.

″She didn’t leave a note but she called her doctor and said she was depressed and was going to do it,″ said city homicide detective Paul McCabe.

Hartman, born in Youngstown, Ohio, starred in ″A Patch of Blue″ with Sidney Portier; in ″Beguiled,″ a 1971 film with Clint Eastwood; ″The Group″ and ″You’re a Big Boy Now,″ the first film directed by Francis Ford Coppola.


She was recently an outpatient at Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic in Pittsburgh, said her brother-in-law, Robert H. Shoop Jr. of Oakmont.

″She hadn’t done anything for quite a while as an actress. That was a part of it, and her illness really incapacitated her to a great extent,″ Shoop said. ″She had an unbelievable talent. She was able to portray so many people on the stage and yet, she wasn’t like any of them.″

George Anderson, film critic at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, said of the actress: ″I think hers was a tragic American career that peaks at the beginning and has no follow-up.″