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Numbers that tell story of 2004 tsunami disaster

December 21, 2014 GMT

Facts and figures from the Dec. 26, 2004, Indian Ocean tsunami. Sources include the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition and UNESCO:


— 9.1: Magnitude of the earthquake that set off the tsunami. Centered off the west coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra island, it was the world’s third-largest earthquake since 1900.

— 20 meters (65 feet): Height of the biggest waves to hit land, in Indonesia’s Aceh region.

— 23,000: Number of Hiroshima-type atomic bombs it would take to equal the amount of energy released by the earthquake.

— About 230,000: Number of people killed.

— 3: Number of natural disasters in the last century that killed even more people. More than 1 million people died in flooding in China in 1931; a cyclone left more than 300,000 dead in Bangladesh in 1970; an earthquake in China killed at least 255,000 people in 1976.

— 14: Number of countries where people died in the tsunami. Indonesia suffered the most deaths (167,540), followed by Sri Lanka (35,322), India (16,269), Thailand (8,212), Somalia (289), Maldives (108), Malaysia (75), Myanmar (61) and Tanzania (13). Two each died in Bangladesh, Seychelles, South Africa and Yemen, and one died in Kenya.

— 38: Number of other countries who lost citizens. Most were from Europe, including 500 each from Germany and Sweden.

— 1.7 million: Number of people displaced.

— $9.9 billion: Damage estimate across the affected countries.

— $4.5 billion: Estimated damage in Aceh alone. The number represented 97 percent of the region’s GDP.

— $13.5 billion: The record amount raised around the world to help tsunami victims.

— $7,100: Amount raised per affected person.

— $3: Amount raised per person in another 2004 disaster: flooding in Bangladesh that killed at least 766 people and affected more than 30 million others.

— 16,000: Number of permanent houses built in Aceh within a year of the disaster — far less than the need. Inflation and bureaucracy complicated rebuilding.

— 130,000: Number of permanent houses build in Aceh within three years of the disaster.

— 0, 4 and 13: Numbers — respectively — of deep ocean tsunameters, coastal sea level gauges and broadband seismometers monitoring conditions in the Indian Ocean when the tsunami hit.

— 9, more than 100 and more than 140: Numbers of those instruments in place in 2014.